Be a Smart Traveller

Now recharge your smart card in 3 Easy Steps

*AVMs are installed at METRO STATIONS near EFO(Excess Fare Office)/Customer Care.Click here to view the demonstration of this Web site.


  • You can easily recharge your Metro Card

    After successful online recharge, you have to go to Add value machine(AVM)

    12 May 2014, 19:45
  • Fares on Airport Express Line To be Reduced From 24th July 2014. For more Details check what's new section

    12 May 2014,hh 19:45
  • Change in Minimum Add Value in Smart cards through Token Value Machine

    12 May 2014, 19:45

Welcome to Delhi Metro Smart Card Portal

Travelcar DMRC Smart Card customers can get an instant recharge without queuing up at stations. They can recharge their smart card from anywhere in the world from this secure platform at no extra cost.

The users can view all the Top Ups done as he transacts and can use his Debit/Credit Card or Net Banking to pay online for an instant recharge. The easy steps are-1-Enter the amount and card information, 2- Secure pay and 3- Go to AVMs installed at majority stations.

ICICI account users can also recharge their cards with SMS facility. To view the sms format Click here. After sending the SMS, go to AVMs installed at majority stations.

Last Updated : Monday, Mar 31 2014 06:30 PM